The United States Army: Experiences May Vary

I’ve made it no secret that I’m a Veteran; and that I’m proud to be one.

I spent seven of the best years of my life serving my country. I’ve never had any regrets. I also have been married to a Soldier for the past ten years, the first four years of our marriage spent as a Dual Military Couple.

I enlisted shortly after 9/11; but not for the generic “patriotic duty and revenge” reason. I actually enlisted because I felt trapped in a relationship that was literally going nowhere. I didn’t know how to escape, so knowing that he would break it off if I left for any military service, I enlisted as a desperate attempt to finally be free.

Some may ignorantly say it was leaving one “prison for another”. But, they’re wrong. Dead wrong.
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Mass Effect: Andromeda; I Actually Love It!

I’m a huge Mass Effect fan. I’m one of those late comers that fell in love with ME3 first, but went and got the first two in order to get a good storyline in the last installment.

When it ended, I wasn’t one of those that signed petitions over the ending. I was confused as hell, but I kept doing play throughs until the Citidel DLC and extended cut were finally released….and made me bawl my eyes out.
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Dear Tomi:

Perhaps I’ll go ahead and address those who are coming to your defense as well, Tomi.

Take this open letter as you will. It’s from me; a woman who happens to be a little more outspoken and passionate than you claim to be. I’ve seen your videos that have circulated on Facebook and Twitter, especially the video of your rant towards Colin Kaepernick and his choice to sit during the national anthem. It was the video that broke the internet and shot you to the mainstream. You were either hated or loved. I admit I was curious, to see one female that I thought I could relate to. Perhaps even look up to.

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A War on Christianity

Is there a war on Christianity? Have the past eight years been tougher on those who wish to keep their religious belief systems because of fear from their peers and the public?
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A Plea to the Mainstream Media: Please Stop Dividing Our Country!

I think it’s pretty safe to say that today’s Press Conference was the normal “Trump” taking on the media.

There were plenty of watchable moments, but I think there are a few that stand out to many within the media. Now, CNN’s Jim Acosta was able to finally ask questions of President Trump, as shown in the clip, and made a comment about the distinction of “fake news.” I guess we can agree that “fake news” was misused during the election. I’m sure the Left side is regretting that label. Because when we see “fake news,” we think it’s supposed to be literally fake; lies, defamation, etc. However, we’d seen more extremely biased reporting, or op-eds, or even popular blogs that many see as a news source, that have the extreme bias towards one side over the other. So, it will show in the reporting; and CNN had shown that throughout the election, and beyond. The difference is, is that the public now knows; and the term “fake news”, has now backfired on them for it.

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Dear Radical Liberals: Your “Protests” Are NOT Helping!

Ever since November 8th, chaos ensued upon our country and spread throughout the world. It’s nonstop. A Vagina’s Walk on Washington where humanoid creatures pretending to be women wanted “rights” and to preserve equality and feminism, be inclusive to all women….

Except for women who happened to oppose abortions and are for making it illegal in our country. Women who want equality; but would rather not vote for the country to make it legal to pay for another’s abortion with their taxes, or advocate for abortion in place of education and birth control, were apparently not “women” in the eyes of those humanoid creatures.

Then, there were “Protests” fueled by some stupid hashtags of #notmypresident and #RESISTANCE. Of course, leave it up to the likes of what used to be legit media sources, like CNN and MSNBC, to validate the chaos, by calling them “Protests.” When in all actuality, they were protests that quickly turned into riots. Consisting of people that perhaps didn’t bother voting, anyway.

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"Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters." -Albert Einstein

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