Dear Radical Liberals: Your “Protests” Are NOT Helping!

Ever since November 8th, chaos ensued upon our country and spread throughout the world. It’s nonstop. A Vagina’s Walk on Washington where humanoid creatures pretending to be women wanted “rights” and to preserve equality and feminism, be inclusive to all women….

Except for women who happened to oppose abortions and are for making it illegal in our country. Women who want equality; but would rather not vote for the country to make it legal to pay for another’s abortion with their taxes, or advocate for abortion in place of education and birth control, were apparently not “women” in the eyes of those humanoid creatures.

Then, there were “Protests” fueled by some stupid hashtags of #notmypresident and #RESISTANCE. Of course, leave it up to the likes of what used to be legit media sources, like CNN and MSNBC, to validate the chaos, by calling them “Protests.” When in all actuality, they were protests that quickly turned into riots. Consisting of people that perhaps didn’t bother voting, anyway.

What a bittersweet irony of the situation was that the idiots were in DC; therefore, were charged with Felony Rioting, and were slapped with hefty fines that they probably begged their moms to pay, since they have no jobs. Out of the group of morons came the rise of the idiots known as Antifa. They made headlines after turning a protest on the UC Berkeley campus against Milo Yiannopoulos into a riot, while committing domestic terrorism, by assaulting others who had different political views.

Following that incident, celebrities and other public figures endorsed the domestic terror acts, against what are now former fans and supporters of theirs, perhaps cutting down their worth and paychecks by insulting and encouraging the assault of thousands of American citizens.

One, in particular, Debra Messing, really irked the hell out of me; and I was incredibly disappointed, after being a fan of hers for years; since the beginning of her Will and Grace days…and here she was, telling people to assault me, my family, my friends….

All because we voted for Donald Trump.

Liberals will shoot back, “Well you protested Obama! You said he was a Muslim! You said he was born in Kenya!” What they fail to understand, is that there were actual protests; protests, not riots, done by small amounts, compared to the thousands today.

What did we do after the first month of the initial shock? We shut up, and moved on; and if we criticized his policies, we were called racists and bigots. Or Uncle Toms and Coons if you were a black person.

Now, our country has never been more divided racially since the civil rights era. That’s all due to Obama and the Democrats eight years of identity politics.

The Left also fails to remember that their candidate, from this past election, was the very first to question Obama’s place of birth, and his religion. She ran her entire nomination campaign on it in 2007.

During this past election, Clinton had been reminded yet again of her controversial and racist statements she’d made as First Lady. (Remember, she said black men were known as Super Predators) A few had also questioned Hillary about her plans regarding the “Three Strike” policy enacted by her husband, of which many experts argue is a major contributing factor behind the staggering number of black men within the increasing incarceration rate each year since.

“Woke” black people remembered that; and refused to support her, and declined to play identity politics. See, the thing that separates the Left from the Right is this: The Right does not judge one based off of their race, sexual orientation, gender, or religion. They judge based off of the content of your character. Your identity means nothing.

The Left would rather favor one ideology while demonizing another; they’ll favor one race, while demonizing another; they’ll favor one sexual orientation while demonizing another.

Identity politics, eight years of it, has destroyed our country. It’s become the replacement of the art of debate for the Left. There is now no such thing as compromise. We had been force fed through the media of how we must accept what the Democratic party has placed upon our country, while the Democrats and the Liberal media raised Obama and his family to deity status.

They ignored the fact that Obama was similar to every President before him; only quieter about it, or the media would brilliantly deflect it with another situation. The Obama administration divided us racially; by refusing to show any bipartisanship in State issues, and therefore allowed violence against our Police officers to happen, and show absolutely no remorse for it. He used race, pretending to champion for inner city black people, yet not doing anything to help better their environments. Instead, he directed blame onto whites; especially white police officers, and therefore, validating the riots that arose from the Black Lives Matter movement.

We’d seen the result of his validation of violence against police officers when a radical Black Lives Matter movement follower used a protest to massacre five Dallas Police Department Officers, that were there to protect those that were protesting against them in the first place. Former President Obama barely showed any sympathy; barely showed compassion even when a young daughter of one of the victims was interviewed just mere hours after losing her mother.

But, he “cried” when an eighteen-year-old young man tried to disarm a police officer after robbing a convenience store, even after many warnings to back away, and then, sent an official representative to his funeral.

However, the Left will conveniently forget that. They’ll attempt to justify the past eight years of a man who did nothing to help the inner cities (crime increased during his Presidency), or, they will do what they do best: Deflect blame and avoid responsibility by playing identity politics, and just resort to blaming the evil white man instead. In their philosophy, they are never to blame for anything that’s gone wrong. The election had proven they’d been wrong for eight years. They even refuse to accept that.

The Left will also conveniently forget that assault is against the law. Assaulting or threatening the lives of others because they voted for another political party, is domestic terrorism. I find it quite shocking that the Left has resorted to using domestic terrorism to further their agenda. I’ve been asked as to “how” their “protests” were supposedly terrorism.

Simple. First, we define terrorism:


the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.
“the fight against terrorism.”

Now, since the media has ingrained terrorism into our brains as merely nothing but ISIS, Al Qaeda, or the Taliban, we’ve forgotten that our own citizens are committing domestic terrorism against each other strictly due to political differences.

The threats and encouragement of threats against citizens simply because they voted for Donald Trump, made by celebrities like Debra Messing or even Sarah Silverman, and carried out by their followers, has grown significantly since the election. The very people that accused the Right, with absolutely no evidence, that they would react violently (when instead, evidence shows that the Right would just grudgingly work for the sake of the country), are the ones that have been violently rioting in the streets, and evidence shows that this is how the Left reacts when they lose anything.

It’s incredibly frightening; when Trump’s supporters consist of minorities, whites, men, women, gays, transgenders, every different type of human being; and we’re being targeted by the Left. Even their own media, are taking to their independent social media accounts, calling or advocating for our deaths. (Like, most recently when the Guardian’s Nesrine Malik made a Youtube video openly advocating violence against Trump supporters.)

Or when Liberals decided it was time to wear “safety pins” and show solidarity against anyone who voted for Trump. Assuming that every single citizen that voted for Trump, regardless of their backgrounds, or identities, were White Supremacists, that were homophobic and dared to question a religion. So, what did they do? They fabricated hate crimes, (even the church burning in Greenville Mississippi was in fact arson committed by one of its members, that spray painted “Vote Trump” on the wall to falsely blame the phantom hate of the Trump Supporters). In turn, they assaulted random white people (like the infamously live streamed kidnapping and torture of a disabled young man who was white, while being accused of voting for Trump), and anyone who openly displayed their support for the President.

Now, if the situation were flipped around, and Trump supporters were, in fact, responsible for the assaults and the racist backlash, it would be on constant replay by our country’s media sources. However, instead, it’s reported by what CNN and MSNBC call “Fake News”; aka, independent bloggers or non-corporate journalism sites.

As a biracial woman, Army veteran, and Army Wife, I have to say; I’ve never experienced more racism and homophobia until I’d seen the antics of the radical Left. The standard Left are either hypocrites or reasonable people that have only a few disagreements with the Right and their policies. And that’s merely a few individuals from the Left that fall into the latter category.

The radical Left; the domestic terrorists, rioters, and 95% of Hollywood, spread their ilk through Social Media. They’re so used to using only identity politics and judging others based on gender, race, religion, and sexual orientation, that they incorrectly believe that Islam is a race and, not an ideology. They persecute people who question one of the three major religions in the the world, while they will happily justify their persecution of another (Christianity) and an entire race (Israeli Jew).

Now, if this entire blog post has offended you–You are the issue.

I would implore you to read this again, without the unfounded emotion of hate you have towards me for who I voted for. Ask yourself, “Have I ever asked someone why they voted for Trump? Have I asked them what policy they disagreed with, and why?

I guarantee, 95% of the answers would be NO.

Because most of the Left refuse to ask; they would rather assume that you are a white supremacist, a homophobe, ect….

When most of Trump’s supporters are none of the bigoted assumptions you have. Race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender are not issues with us. What matters is whether or not our country is secure, or whether or not our non-coastal states will not be forgotten when it comes to the economy. Not once have we come together and displayed an outpour of homophobia or racism.

Yes, the President is undoubtedly brash and over the top with his lack of etiquette. I’m not going to sit here and blame the entire Left side. However, I am going to ask that the Democrats openly talk about the radical groups of their party that is currently destroying their entire agenda. The Right has disavowed our extremists every time they create some controversial statement that is clearly not within our core values.

We on the Right recognize that our party needs to be united after practically imploding during the election primaries and the election itself.

But, as usual, the Democrats either won’t take responsibility and will find a way to blame it on us, or they’ll just eventually become what their radicals are becoming–



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