A Plea to the Mainstream Media: Please Stop Dividing Our Country!

I think it’s pretty safe to say that today’s Press Conference was the normal “Trump” taking on the media.

There were plenty of watchable moments, but I think there are a few that stand out to many within the media. Now, CNN’s Jim Acosta was able to finally ask questions of President Trump, as shown in the clip, and made a comment about the distinction of “fake news.” I guess we can agree that “fake news” was misused during the election. I’m sure the Left side is regretting that label. Because when we see “fake news,” we think it’s supposed to be literally fake; lies, defamation, etc. However, we’d seen more extremely biased reporting, or op-eds, or even popular blogs that many see as a news source, that have the extreme bias towards one side over the other. So, it will show in the reporting; and CNN had shown that throughout the election, and beyond. The difference is, is that the public now knows; and the term “fake news”, has now backfired on them for it.

Perhaps they’re still feeling the burn when it comes to being the shunned outcasts of the President’s favored since they and other Left-wingers obsessively mocked Fox News and their affiliates of being banned from President Obama’s conferences the past eight years. Do I feel bad for their reporters that are feeling the humiliation? No. Hell no. In fact, they deserve every bit of it. Not once has Fox News been so vicious towards President Obama and his supporters on the scale that CNN, MSNBC, and other Left Wing pompous jerks have been. Throughout the entire election, media, friends, family, strangers, jobs….they all joined in on the public bullying of the Right. Which consisted of so many of the average Americans, (as you can see with the election map).

The Red States consisted of hard working, tax paying, law abiding, family oriented, compassionate people. Good people. That were actually beginning to get scared of going to work, and expressing their concerns the direction of the country was going, out of fear of being persecuted and fired for it. Students were beginning to become frightened to express their political views and do what academics has taught them to do–debate. As I’d explained in my previous post–we did end up as the silent majority.

Now, the media is acting like a child being disciplined by their parents for acting up. They are beginning to attack the negative and creating a hysteria before even knowing what the entire situation at hand is. The Intelligence Community is helping the hysteria. It is no longer a leak here and there. It’s a massive flood of attempts at trying to discredit the current administration. Handing over Flynn’s phone call records after he was confirmed is a big question of legality. Since we can hear what the phone call was about, it’s obvious that Flynn had done nothing illegal–he was just untruthful about it.

Now, I won’t excuse Trump and his administration over this entire situation and how it was handled. But, I refuse to justify the intelligence community over it as well.

For one, the media actually is profiting off of the government; and has been since post 9-11. Their ethics have gone out the door. Finding an unbiased media source is difficult. And those that are end up silenced. The fight for the title of the information source to the people has become dirtier than ever. Media has resorted to insulting the average American. They’ve resorted to publishing news before it is confirmed as fake. It seems as though anyone can call up CNN or Washington Post and say they’re an official close to the administration that wishes to remain anonymous and tell some lie that will spin into a global frenzy.

The media has become the enemy of the average American. Especially since “mainstream” is considered as “truth.” When in fact, mainstream is not considered truth but is instead considered well funded.

It’s unfair to the average American that Journalism has become some kind of circus show–and those like Rachel Maddow have emerged as the real clowns riding around in some beat up VW buggy honking her horn to anyone who will listen.

The fourth estate used to be another form of checks and balance for the government–but instead became a tool of the government. They excused President Obama for every transgression while calling his critics racists and bigots. They attacked Donald Trump by twisting entire stories and pulling up a leaked conversation from years ago while calling his critics “Patriots.” The media always attacked the Right and others who didn’t agree with the mainstream liberal Democrat radicalism that was attempting to turn our Constitutional Republic into a Socialist Government. That of which anyone with half a brain will see how it never works out.

Listen, up, media. I supported Donald Trump; I’m not going to excuse the fact that he kept Flynn around for two weeks after finding out he’d lied to the Vice President. I’m upset and extremely disappointed that Trump kept it from Pence. I’m questioning why Trump kept Flynn after the Justice Department warned that Flynn could be blackmailed.

But I’m also going to question the entire Intelligence Community of their integrity to us, the people. Of course, anyone with half a brain knows they monitor calls, thanks to Edward Snowden. However, the IC has to protect our country. If the President asks for reports, they are legally obligated to hand it over. They cannot refuse to give the President an intelligence report. If they begin throwing classified leaks to the media so carelessly, then they do not need to be in their positions. Perhaps the entire community needs to be cleaned out. The safety of the United States calls for it if they’re going to continue their nonsense of flooding information to the media.

And when the media publishes that information so carelessly, their actions end up killing people. But the media has no care in the world for the lives of people–they’re more concerned with who says it first, rather than fact-checking their stories.

I’m begging you, media. Please, get back to being the checks and balances system you were meant to be. Get back to giving us the news that we actually need; don’t give us some news of blatant bias like the hysteria you created with Flynn (we really didn’t need it, since no laws were broken), or the crap hysteria you made with the “Travel Ban” (when it’s merely a 90 day policy, and you turned it into some “Islamophobia” bill when that is FAR from the truth). You’re really beginning to lose control. Insulting the American people by calling them names or insulting their intelligence will not get you any more credibility. In fact, it will make you more and more like the tabloids you all are becoming.

Let me know what you think? Do you think the media has become sort of an enemy to the American Public? Or do you think they’re an actual ally for us, as the checks and balances they were meant to be?

Leave a comment below!


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