A War on Christianity

Is there a war on Christianity? Have the past eight years been tougher on those who wish to keep their religious belief systems because of fear from their peers and the public?

With the media and the entire Left purposely misinforming the public on “Religious Freedom” bills, it’s been easy for people to target Christianity and those who follow that faith, as bigoted and hateful.

The Left have called it an attack on gay rights. They’ve ruined the lives of private business owners who refused to bake cakes for, or photograph gay weddings. Strictly because they were white and Christian.

Yes, in fact, it does say more than a few things regarding homosexuality in the Bible. Such as in the book of Romans:

Romans 1:26-28: 

26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 

27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error. 

28 Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done.

Personally, in my own opinion, I do not care what you do with your personal lifestyle. It is not my duty to judge you. I personally believe it is wrong; I would hold myself accountable for practicing it. But I would never hold another accountable for making that decision for themselves.

That is between you and God. I only tell those that are around me, that God loves each of us, and that in the end, my thoughts or opinions will not matter when we each individually stand in front of him.

As it says in the book of James:

James 4:12 

12 There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you–who are you to judge your neighbor?

So, why say there’s a war on religion, you ask?
Well, I’ll say that specifically, there is a war on Christianity; white Christians, actually. Most infamously, two cases, one in Oregon and another in Colorado, where religious private business owners refused to violate their beliefs, and were ruined, sued, and fined for practicing their religious freedom.

Instead of finding another bakery, the gay couples used our government to force the bakery owners to violate their religions for their satisfaction. 

No, I am not discriminating against gays. I am merely stating the facts. Because, by definition, that’s exactly what happened. The media and Social Justice Warriors decided to attack the bakeries and the owners. Calling them bigots, causing them to recieve death threats, and essentially ruining their lives.

Was that right?


It was downright hateful and intolerant. But they were attacked so viciously because they were easy targets:

White and Christian.

Were it a Muslim bakery, they would turn around and find another bakery.

Because Islamaphobia, or whatever that word is that people have made up to justify their ignorance that confuses religion with ethnicity.

Because it’s happened, with a video in Michigan, where of course, the ignorant Left tried so hard to justify saying it was homophobic and racist (Islam is not a race, you know). In fact, Islam is perhaps the most conservative religion in the world. 

In fact, Islam condemns homosexuality as well. Per the Qur’an:

Qur’an 7:80-81:

“We also sent Lut : He said to his people : “Do ye commit lewdness such as no people in creation (ever) committed before you? For ye practice your lusts on men in preference to women: ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds.”

So why target Christianity when it’s clearly not the only religion that has scriptures that condemn homosexuality?

Especially when you actually have sects of Christianity that accepts homosexuality, where Islam does not? Why didn’t that Muslim baker become national news and the subject of some ACLU lawsuit for “violating” civil liberties?

What ever happened to religious liberties? What happened to religious freedom? Well, since the Left refuses to be obvious racists, they instead target what is now a minority in our society, because the media has allowed and enabled it.

The former President enabled it, by demanding that Christians accept Islam as neighbors. 

Well, we did. Before 9/11, we accepted Islam as neighbors. We coexisted. We didn’t have insane radical social issues arise from something that was so miniscule, or didn’t stomp on religious rights simply because they were white.

The media ridiculed anyone publicly for practicing Christianity. Tim Tebow, for example, was targeted and ridiculed by the media constantly for his outspoken passion for his religion. He was no bother to his teammates; but ESPN made it a bother, and a joke.

The media focused on idiots like Westboro Baptist Church, as though that’s all what Christianity tells you; that “God hates all F*gs, and f*g lovers“. 

So when people tell me that’s all my religion is about, they’re stumped to utter stupidity when I tell them that God gave us Jesus Christ; who taught us to love our neighbors. Not to judge them. But to help guide them. When they do nothing but quote the Old Testament, and purposely omit any knowledge of the New Testament and the teachings of Christ; that some theologians state that the Old Testament is there as our acknowledgement of God, his Law, and the stories of our creation and the Flood, and the prophecies of the coming of Christ. Not as some contradiction that means Christians are confused.

Then, those same ignorant people turn around and say that Islam is a religion of Peace.

When in fact, no religion within the three major religions can say they are a religion of peace. But it is what the individual makes it. Religious doctrines of all religions will have violent beginnings within them.

They all have to be understood before some ignorant Left Liberal runs in and decides to tear it apart because their feelings are hurt.

So when a Liberal tells you that they’re for religious freedoms, be sure to remind them of the religious beliefs when it comes to certain lifestyles.

Because if they want to force people to violate their religions just because their feelings are hurt, they are not for religious freedom.

They’re for fascism. Because when the Government begins forcing people to violate their religions, when you clearly are not denying their civil liberties, that’s when a democracy turns into Tyranny.

Thanks, Liberals.

But I would prefer to have religious freedoms over your personal feelings.


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