Dear Tomi:

Perhaps I’ll go ahead and address those who are coming to your defense as well, Tomi.

Take this open letter as you will. It’s from me; a woman who happens to be a little more outspoken and passionate than you claim to be. I’ve seen your videos that have circulated on Facebook and Twitter, especially the video of your rant towards Colin Kaepernick and his choice to sit during the national anthem. It was the video that broke the internet and shot you to the mainstream. You were either hated or loved. I admit I was curious, to see one female that I thought I could relate to. Perhaps even look up to.

I did not agree with your words towards Kaepernick. I didn’t fight to preserve a symbol; I served to protect the Constitutional Rights. Perhaps you are confused on what the Constitutional rights of those within this wonderful country happen to be? Especially since you chose to smash on that of a man that chose to exercise it?

You know, I agree with those who also fought to preserve those rights, when they say that “just because you can do something, doesn’t necessarily mean you should.” But, I wondered who the hell you were to even dictate to someone what they should and should not do. I thought Kaepernick was a moron. And he proved to be an immensely unstable and hypocritical one with his so-called “protest.” But, you know what? He’s got that right. And I had to swallow my pride and remember that censoring the First Amendment is the first step towards tyranny.

The one thing that was the motivator behind our bad ass Forefathers. You know, those guys that wrote the Declaration of Independence that began the war to create our country?

It is something that perhaps you should really look into.

Do me a favor; don’t rely on Facebook, and Twitter to see where and what the Five Men happened to have said that created our remarkable country.

Go to the actual website that has our Declaration of Independence published word for word. And then, do me another favor:

Read the Constitution, FFS!!

That document is the most important thing in this country. Ever. More important than how many clicks you want for your videos of rampaging pointless ramblings.

Am I mad?

Hell yes, I am.

I hold that document so damned close to my heart, and it irritates me to no end when someone pretends to give a damn about it and then flip flops on interpreting it to earn brownie points with liberals and piss off the Conservatives.

You claimed to be a Conservative.

Your words on “pro-choice” making it hypocritical proved otherwise, and it had shown that the bleach had soaked through your scalp and had apparently soaked your brain.

I’m not going to reiterate what your boss, Glenn Beck, reiterated this morning on his show, regarding your need to understand the meaning of “life” as defined by our forefathers, as well as within the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

I am not a hypocrite by wanting the Government to protect life, liberty, and happiness.

I’m a damned Patriot for wanting that.

You’re a bloody hypocrite for wanting the Government to not protect life, liberty, and happiness.

So, Tomi, and your band of hypocrites….

Read the Constitution one more time, and come out and say that you are not a Conservative, that you made up the word “Constitutional” (stop making fetch happen. It’s not going to happen.), and that you flip flop for damned clicks and likes of your page.

Like your boss so eloquently said:

The Media is not about you. You’ve made it about you. You’re a part of the staining within the Right.

I’m not going to tell you to shut up, nor am I stomping on your right to believe what you do.

But I am going to call you out on your utter bullshit.

I’m going to call you out on your hypocrisy.

It’s a shame, actually. I didn’t agree with any of your videos, considering that you rambled about things with the misinformation as well as such a huge amount of misinterpretation….

But I’m glad that people finally were able to see right through you.

Please, stop being a fake. Don’t be the stereotypical bleach blonde fake woman with the narcissism of Regina George in Mean Girls. In fact, perhaps you should try to restore your credibility by admitting just how fake you truly are.

Enjoy the Liberal side, Tomi.

Because I’m sorry, but your flip flopping kills any credibility and damages an already fragile Right.


A Conservative Libertarian woman; that has more passion and is not afraid to admit when she’s wrong.

Which is definitely not Tomi Lahren.


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