Let’s Tear It ALL Down


While we're at it, everything must go.

City governments are pandering to their own bleeding hearts and pressure from a new wave of book burning communists by removing statues and memorials to not just Confederate Generals (who, by the way, were not only involved in the Civil War, and had differing views on secession anyway), but they've targeted any of our historical figures that are offensive to them.

The Lincoln Memorial was vandalized last night by an unknown culprit. Requests were made to remove the Jefferson Memorial. People want the statue of Teddy Roosevelt in front of a museum in New York gone.

While we're at it, since people have made compelling arguments that it was offensive because they represented slavery, we should do away with Arlington National Cemetery. Although seized, it is on what was General Robert Lee's land. And, there is a section of approximately 200 Confederate Soldiers buried there, and a Confederate memorial. Why do we still keep them there?

Well, the Spanish American War really reunited Union and Confederate Soldiers, and a former Confederate Officer led the charge (General Joseph Wheeler). So, President McKinley said the Confederate Soldiers would be given due honor.

Want another one?

The Constitution should be destroyed.


The entire country's founding, actually. All of those men were traitors to their country, like the Confederates. They declared independence. More than half owned slaves. They fought for their individual rights, because they didn't want to pay taxes to a King that couldn't manage money during the Seven Years War. They were known as "rebels", while the British were "Loyalists". People that wanted to remain neutral were tarred and feathered in the streets by both sides. They knew they were committing treason.

Sound familiar?

See, back before slavery was abolished, people forget how life was back then, and the mindset of society. But, as we move forward, we evolved, but never forgot the mistakes we'd made in the past; at the time, our country was in its infancy.

The notion of slavery was normal back then; and super sensitive infants shouldn't allow that one aspect overshadow our great country and those accomplishments made by those individuals.

Since our country is so diverse, guaranteed most of our citizens are mixed ethnicities.

And because you exist, thank the heavens those men and women existed and did what they had done for the society they lived in; or you would cease to even exist today.

Their actions allowed society to move forward, learn from our past, and evolve while remembering the good they'd done.

You were never a slave. You are not a slave. So quit making this about yourselves.

This is the matter of preserving the history that made us who we are now.

Because being book burning Soviet Communists will cause others to rewrite it, take advantage of it, and stain it even further, therefore causing us to forget it all together.

And history is doomed to repeat itself if the Left have their way.


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