Black Conservative Criticizes Islam; Receives Racist Response

A young man, who wishes to remain anonymous, criticized the religion of Islam after the London terrorist bombing that happened today.

Before we talk about his response, let’s get one thing straight:

Islam is an ideology; ideologies are subject to scrutiny.

People criticize Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and so forth, without being killed for it.

It’s fine; they have every right to question a religion.

People refuse to cower in fear over criticizing a religion that uses terror as a tactic for submission, as quoted in their doctrine.

Is this what society has reduced itself to? Submitting to the demands of terrorism and demanding others do the same? Because it seems that the Left have done so. They cower in fear, and coat it with some robe of virtue. They’re afraid of being harmed by terrorists if they say anything wrong about Islam. Look at what happened at Charlie Hebdo. One of the few images published of Muhammad were apparently worth killing someone over, and journalists died because of it. Another journalist was imprisoned, and then assassinated in Jordan over a cartoon of Muhammad. (See below)

No religion is ever so violent over it’s doctrine as Islamists have been. Sure, there are plenty that want peace, that want reformation, that practice Islam; but it’s the terrorism that continues to plague their movement, forcing them to fight harder.

Islamists are massacring others over their religious views and their own way of life. What people don’t understand, is that Islam is the most conservative religion on the planet. Yet, Leftists will butt in and call it “progressive“. What is so progressive about covering yourself up if you are a female? What is so progressive about females not being able to drive or having to be with a male chaperone? What is progressive about punishing another for being gay? What is so progressive about punishing another for being an apostate?

Leftists have everything backwards. And if Islam doesn’t fight harder for a reformation, the terrorists will win when it comes to how the world views their religion; either in fear and submission, or by resisting and fighting back for their own religious freedoms.

Which side would you be on? Freedom of religion? Or being forced by terrorism to submit to one?

Now, the young man this article is about had spoken about how terrorists kill others simply because their religious beliefs are different, and that it was the 21st Century. We shouldn’t kill others based on their religious beliefs; no one has the right to take away your right to live your life in peace.

Please read the screenshot of the response below the young man received after criticizing an ideology:


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