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Let’s Tear It ALL Down


While we're at it, everything must go.

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Why I Blame Charlottesville on the Past Eight Years

Honestly, I’ve grown tired of everything I’m seeing on Social Media, but it’s too difficult for my stubborn bull-headed self to not say a word. I’ve always been that way. My dad used to tell me I was too honest sometimes. I was that one child that unknowingly embarrassed my parents by revealing things they’ve said about people they had to work with, to those people.

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Dear Tomi:

Perhaps I’ll go ahead and address those who are coming to your defense as well, Tomi.

Take this open letter as you will. It’s from me; a woman who happens to be a little more outspoken and passionate than you claim to be. I’ve seen your videos that have circulated on Facebook and Twitter, especially the video of your rant towards Colin Kaepernick and his choice to sit during the national anthem. It was the video that broke the internet and shot you to the mainstream. You were either hated or loved. I admit I was curious, to see one female that I thought I could relate to. Perhaps even look up to.

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